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Lusitania Lost

A Lusitania Spy Thriller

Here is my historical spy thriller to be released in print Sept. 2017 by Mango Publishing. LUSITANIA LOST depicts romance, intrigue and murder on the war-torn Atlantic in 1915. Woven around a precise timeline of the luxury liner’s  final fatal voyage,  It is authentic, apart from my fictional characters and those questions that may never be answered, such as:

Fateful Questions

After the torpedo strike, what caused the second fatal explosion?  Did the Germans, or the British, know the Lusitania would be caught? And, what secret weapons were in the cargo?

Nurses going to the Front?

The photo of women at the ship’s rail was my inspiration. Having investigated the tragic and world-changing event, I created characters to match the five women shown departing for the Great War in Europe. With a few fictional heroes and bad actors they join the historical cast  aboard the Lusitania, inside the German submarine U-20, in the capitals and battlefields of Europe and on the mean streets of 1915 New York.

A Torch Singer meets a Muckraker

Once aboard the doomed ship, my heroine Alma Brady (second from right, the haunted blonde) runs into Matthew Vane, a muckraking reporter assigned as a war correspondent. Matt, on his way to the front lines, intends to find out what secret weapons may be hidden in the British passenger liner’s cargo hold. What they find there could change history, although the secrets may be lost to us forever.

Voyage into history

Alma and Matt’s shipboard romance, against a background of warfare, spying, sabotage, imperial politics and mutiny, leads up to a harrowing climax surpassing even the Titanicdisaster three years earlier. It makes a stunning introduction to a war-torn century, and possibly to a new series of historical novels.

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